Quick Update

We just got back from Safari in Zambia. It was awesome. It takes forever for the internet to work here when it’s even available so I will update everything when we get home, a process which will start in 10 days:) Kyle and Dr. Snyder have been able to update their blogs more often since they have not been doing hearing clinics and have their computers with them to pre type updates. Our Audiology group has almost 80 clinical hours logged so far. The need here is insane! We could stay for 10 years! The ears here are very very sick!

Tomorrow we head North from Lilongwe to Nakata bay. It will be our first time seeing the Lake up close. Everyone is doing well but we are all homesick and ready to come home.

Miss everyone. Oh yeah LIONS ARE AWESOME!!!!


2 Responses to “Quick Update”

  1. Kimberly Says:

    Chas; I think of you often out in the open Savannah. It all sounds absolutely amazing. Good luck and I look forward to hearing the ‘WOWs!’ of it all. kj

  2. the need you are fulfilling is something to be so very proud of; great job to you all!

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