In Narobi…

Happy Birthday Eli and Mom and happy Fourth of July. I only have a few seconds so I cannot upload pics yet and I have a lot. We were very busy in Bondo, Kenya. We had 3 12 hours days of Audiology and saw about 200 people. It is green and beautiful there…right on the equator. Tomorrow we leave for Malawi. Hope all is well. We all miss everyone! Miss you Greg, Hi Kids.


2 Responses to “In Narobi…”

  1. how was meeting Sarah Onyango Obama?
    apparently, they were trying to open an Obama-themed museum in the Nyang’oma Kogelo village.
    they supposedly have US Independence Day celebrations in Nairobi, is the group going to be doing any of that?

    best of luck and continued success to everyone.

  2. We almost forgot it was the Fourth of July but we had a Tuskers! & Kristi has box wine 🙂

    Meeting her was weird. She thought we were reporters and was very un-trusting at first. She cannot speak any English either so …

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