Background on Bondo District, Kenya – Population and Economy

Much of our first week in Africa will be spent in Kisumu, Kenya and Bondo, Kenya at the local Deaf School. Here is some background information on this region in western Kenya.

The Bondo District is one of the 11 districts in Nyanza Province. The district is only 12 years old, created from the southern part of Siaya District in 1998. The reported population is approximately 238 780 living in 56 607 households, and it is extremely young!  47% of the population is 14 years old or less, and 58% is 19 years or less! There are 5 divisions in the  Bondo District , each bordering Lake Victoria.

The headquarters of the district is Bondo town. According to the 1999 census, the ‘core urban’ population in and around Bondo town is 12 202, comprising a mere 5% of the total district population. On the other hand, the rural population density of Bondo District is high at around 230 people/km2.

The economy of Bondo District is dominated by fishing, small-scale cropping, and animal husbandry. The district has approximately 175 kilometres of shoreline along the eastern part of Lake Victoria. The economic potential of the fishing industry is limited by the lack of refrigeration facilities. Crop production is dominated by maize, followed by other large grains and some tubers. As elsewhere in Nyanza Province, tsetse fly constrains livestock production. Bondo is a perpetual food deficit area. Poor rainfall in recent years has exacerbated the problem of insufficient production.  The unemployment rate is only 5% due to participation in subsistence fishing and agriculture.

Southern African Regional Poverty Network


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  1. I agree with this district and iwould like to stay in it but the am thinking about is how to a job

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