First trip to REI…

Yesterday Krisit & I went to REI to get Safari pants and all the chemical warfare we could carry to protect against natures little vampires; clothing spray, insecticide, and DEET. Mosquitos happen to love me! I don’t think I would survive back east, so I’m not taking any chances in Africa. I know water is a big problem over there, however, regarding bugs…thank god it’s the dry season! Here’s a run down on some of the little nasties…

  • mosquitos – malaria, dengue fever, filariasis, & yellow fever
  • ticks – typhus, relapsing fever, & other fevers
  • lice – typhus
  • flea – plague
  • sandfly – leishmaniasis, sandfly fever
  • tsetse fly – sleeping sickness
  • blackfly – river blindness
  • and dont get me started on worms, amoebas, & bot flys YUCK!

I’m not being paranoid, just prepared. Next up big ass mosquito net! 🙂


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