The Outline

Saturday, June 26th –

  • Phoenix, Arizona (9:30pm) to New York JFK (5:16am) – US Airways

Sunday, June 27th –

  • New York JFK (11:15am) to Johannesburg, South Africa (8:15am the 28th) – South African Airways

Monday, June 28th –

  • Johannesburg, South Africa (2:25pm) to Nairobi, Kenya (7:30pm) – South African Airways

Tuesday, June 29th –

  • Nairobi, Kenya (8:00am) to Kisumu, Kenya (8:45am) – Kenya Airways
  1. Nyangoma School for the Deaf

Sunday, July 4th –

  • Kisumu, Kenya (9:15am) to Nairobi, Kenya (10:00am) – Kenya Airways

Monday, July 5th –

  • Nairobi, Kenya (8:20am) to Lilongwe, Malawi (12:20pm)
  1. Lilongwe National/Central Hospital
  2. African Bible College – Lilongwe
  3. Bandawe School for the Deaf – Near Nakata Bay
  4. Ebangweni School for the Deaf – Mzuzu
  5. Nguludi School for the Deaf – Blantyre
  6. Littlefield Orphanage – Chigamba Village
  7. Zambia excursion (see Safari post)

Friday, July 30th –

  • Lilongwe, Malawi (1:15pm) to Johannesburg, South Africa (3:40pm)

Saturday, July 31st –

  • Johannesburg, South Africa (7:45pm) to New York JFK (7:45am the 1st)

Sunday, August 1st –

  • New York JFK (4:20pm) to Phoenix, AZ (6:44pm)

2 Responses to “The Outline”

  1. Jim Dreher Says:

    What a great opportunity for you! Enjoy your experience and come back safe! I’m very proud of you, Chaz-mo.

  2. Thanks, I can’t wait. It will be the experience of a lifetime. Just got last 3 shots today. 24 days and counting !!

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