My name is Chasity Moore. I am an Arizona State University graduate student in Audiology. Myself and 3 other students (Kristi, Nicole, and Armi) are traveling with our clinical instructor, Dr. Ingrid McBride to Western Kenya, and Malawi. We leave on June 26th, a little over 5 weeks away. We will provide hearing screenings and assessment, hearing aid provision, cerumen management, training and awareness. Our goal is sustainability. We are also traveling with Dr. Jan Snyder of Sustainable Resources (, and a mechanical engineering student, Kyle. Poor Kyle has no idea what he’s in for with all of us girls. We  have already made important contacts with the only ENT in Malawi, an ENT in Kenya, and schools operated by the Education Centre for the Deaf as well as orphanages.  The locations we have selected are based on the ability to sustain our efforts once we are back in the states.

We have decided to call our fledgling project Hearing For Humanity. While many of the companies we work with in the clinic everyday have given us some loaner equipment, we are still in desperate need of basics…sanitation supplies, batteries to run equipment, electricity converters, hand sanitizer, etc…Donations can be made through Sustainable Resources (just note audiology), or sent to ASU Speech and Hearing Clinic in c/o Dr. Ingrid McBride.


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